A garden adds another dimension to the environment around the house; it’s the prolongation of the house. Not only the relation between the garden and the house is of vital importance, we may also not lose sight of the relation with the surrounding landscape. This additional room for living is also a translation of your lifestyle.

A garden is an important aspect in our lives. Therefore, we have to attach great importance to a professional approach. We can do this by appealing to competent professionals who can give extra value to a garden.

The most important basic principle is an appropriate plan. The design is a synthesis where through technique and creativity a solution and atmosphere can be found for every garden, weather it’s smaller or bigger. A well-considered plan starts with a good conversation and will strengthen the character of your garden.

When you intend to lay out or consider to renew your current garden, a suiting design is always the perfect starting point. Let me guide you to create a garden that may be seen and that feels like the perfect garden for you where you can relax.

  • The character of your garden, in accordance to your wishes
  • The garden is an enlargement of the house, a binding component between your house and the surrounding landscape
  • Every design or project is unique
  • Structured style and clear lines are calming elements
  • Timeless design
  • Design of contemporary, classical and modern gardens
  • A good choice of plants
  • Use of long-lasting materials